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 Here you can find detailed information about 

1/200, 1/500 and 1/1000 aircraft models

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Manufacturers of aircraft models in scale 1/500

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Information about real airplanes


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My Knowledgebase

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^^ "Course on Precision Part 2 (2017)" ^^

^^ "Course on Precision Part 1 (2017)" ^^

^^ "The Walking Wings Library (2012)" ^^

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This is my database of all 1/500 printed aircraft models (besides samples) 


(not available online)


Here you can find all models I have for sale or trade.

If you are interested in any of these, please let me know.

Tradelist (12.03.18)

Wings Search

Here you can find all models I am still looking for my collection.

If you have any of these for sale or trade, please let me know.

Some hints concerning abbreviations used in the list you can find here.

Searchlist (26.05.13)


All Wings in my collection

(for personal use only)




Manufacturers of aircraft models (1/200, 1/500, 1/1000)










Other interesting Wings 1/500 sites





These sites have been good sources for 1/500 information in the past, but.....

  Brinkley (no more 1/500 information provided since 2003)

 Just Aircraft UK  

David Jones, last update December 2002 suspended in 2009



Ultimate Collectors Site

Patrick Bahnert, last update September 2003, suspended in November 2004


Wings & Aviation 

Patrick Möhle, last update May 2003, suspended in 2006


German Shops






International Shops











Inflight Shops

Air France

Boeing (The Boeing Store)

Cathay Pacific (CXcitement Online Shop)


Lufthansa (World Shop)

Singapore Airlines (KrisShop)


Here you can find information about real airplanes

General information and pictures

US Air Force (USAF)

Aircraft Registration Database 

Airline liveries (Ruud Leeuw) (German/English) (German) (German)

LTU-Flugzeuge (German)


Aircraft Manufacturers









Engine details

CFM (engine manufacturer)

General Electric (engine manufacturer)

Honeywell (engine manufacturer)

International Aero Engines (engine manufacturer)

Pratt & Whitney (engine manufacturer)

Rolls-Royce (engine manufacturer)


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