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Here you can find my latest 1/200 news from Herpa, Hogan, WAC Military etc.

If you need older news - take a look at the archives

For some reason I decided to convert the archive part of this website into a login system. 

If you still want access to those older information, you can get the password by email.

Monday, 31.12.18:

Happy New Year :-)



Saturday, 22.12.18:

Avioni - new releases:

AV20013S US-1A Shin Meiwa JMSDF - registration 9902 - with stand - limited 254


AV20011S US-1A Shin Meiwa JMSDF - registration 9904 - with stand - limited 254




Flight Miniatures - coming soon:

ABO-747SPH-007 NASA/DLR 747SP SOFIA - registration N747NA




Gemini200 - coming soon:

G2AF0761 United States Air Force E-4B "Flying White House" - registration 73-1676


G2AF0777 United States Air Force KC-135R Stratotanker - Alabama Air National Guard - registration 80106




Gemini200 - new releases:

G2AFO780 United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster - Hawaii AFB - registration 05-5147


G2AFO770 United States Air Force KC-135R Stratotanker - Ohio Air National Guard - registration 64-14840




Hogan200 - new release:

HG11090 United Arab Emirates 747-8 Intercontinental - with registration A6-PFA - with stand




Inflight200 - now available (mentioned here before, just new pictures):

IFMRTTFAF001 French Air Force A330-243MRTT - registration MRTT041 - with stand


IF332MRT0518 United Arab Emirates Air Force A330-243MRTT - registration 1302 - with stand




Inflight200 - coming soon:

IF140USA0119P United States of America VC-140B Jetstar - registration 61-2492 - with polished fuselage - with stand




JC Wings - coming soon:

LH2102 Turkish Government 747-8I - registration TC-TRK - with stand


LH2197 Indonesia Air Force 737-800/BBJ 2 - registration A-001 - with stand




Skymarks - coming soon:

SKR995 United States Air Force KC-46A Pegasus




Sunday, 09.12.18:

Herpa - new release 03/04 2019:

559560 Luftwaffe Transall C-160 - "Norm 72" - Lufttransportgeschwader 63 - Hohn Air Base - registration 50+67

(picture /




Here you can find older news:





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