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Here you can find my latest 1/500 news

If you need older news - take a look at the archives

For some reason I decided to convert the archive part of this website into a login system. 

If you still want access to those older information, you can get the password by email.


Monday, 25.04.22:

Turkish Airlines / P.I.P - Professional International Promotion (another version, not new, but not mentioned here before):


Turkish Airlines 777-300ER - registration TC-JJA - with brown stand, no gear - different red box without window

(pictures Murat Eti - Thank you :-))


(version in red box with crystal stand mentioned here before in December 2019)

(version in window box with black stand mentioned here before in June 2017)

(version in Globally Yours box with stand and gear mentioned here before in April 2013)



Herpa - Zeppelin news:



533447-001 Zeppelin NT ZF “Next Generation Mobility”

527385 Zeppelin NT "Zeppelin" - grey color - unmodified re-release




Tuesday, 12.04.22:

Herpa - next WingsClub release:

535724 DAT - Danish Air Transport MD-83 - registration OY-RUE - red fuselage - WingsClub 3/22




Herpa - ILA 2022 release:

536141 ILA 2022 set containing

- Air Berlin USA 737-200 - registration N491WC - Wien Air Alaska livery

- Air Berlin USA 737-200 - registration N2941W - Hapag-Lloyd livery (modified)




Tuesday, 05.04.22:

Herpa - new releases 05/06 2022:

535786 British Airways A318-100 - red nose - registration G-EUNB


536066 Lufthansa A350-900 "Lufthansa & You" - registration D-AIXP "Braunschweig"


536073 Luftwaffe Flugbereitschaft A321neo (A321LR) - registration 15+10


536080 Olympic Air Dash 8 Q400 - registration SX-OBG


536097 Iberojet A350-900 - registration EC-NGY


536110 TUI Airways 787-8 - registration G-TUII “Mrs Patmore”


536127 United Airlines 767-300 - new colors - registration N676UA


536134 TUIFly 737-800 - "Mein CEWE Fotobuch" - registration D-ABMV


536202 Emirates A380-800 "50 years UAE" - registration A6-EVG


536219 Emirates 777-300ER - "50 years UAE" - registration A6-EGE


536226 SAS 737-700 - registration SE-RJX “Vagn Viking”


536332 Zeppelin NT "Goodyear" - “Wingfoot Two” – registration N2A


536417 Unloading facility building for Airbus Beluga - cardboard -  baseplate 40 * 40 cm included




Sunday, 27.03.22:

Herpa - re-release:

519670 Airport Tower (re-release on right hand)

nearly unchanged except for the note "Exposure to direct sunlight …" on the box


Herpa - something is missing ;-):


535212 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F - missing registration D-ALCO on the left side of the fuselage

(Thank you Ralf and Sebastian for this "special" release :-) )



Wednesday, 23.03.22:

Herpa - re-release:

520416 Passenger Gate (re-release on right hand)


nearly unchanged except for the note "Exposure to direct sunlight …" on the box



Tuesday, 15.03.22:

Herpa - re-release:


520553 Apron Boarding Station - box without "Scenix Series" imprints



Sunday, 13.03.22:

MGL Convention:


Yesterday the 16th MGL Convention took place. On more than 60 tables, visitors were presented models of all scales, but also many other aviation-related articles - as usual, of course, in the best weather and in a relaxed atmosphere.

The 17th MGL Convention on 29.10.2022 will again take place at MGL Airport, but in a different location. Details will follow ...



Herpa - coming soon:


Embraer E195-E2 „TechLion“ - sample shown at MGL Convention yesterday



Herpa - re-release:

518895 AN-225 Mriya and Buran

AN-225 Mriya is unchanged


On the back of the box the references to social media have been added (re-release on the left hand)


On the Buran there are some differences (re-release on the left hand), e.g.

- the print of the light honeycomb structure/tiles is much paler

- the position of some prints is different (e.g. black Buran lettering)

- the print of the cockpit windows

- the course of the border of the black tiles is partly completely different (e.g. at the nose) and seems to be a bit "variable" from model to model ;-)



Thursday, 10.02.22:

Herpa News - Instagram live stream with Stephan Külgen - some of the more concrete statements:

- Emirates A380-800 "Expo 2022" (and some more Emirates liveries) will be released – "Expo 2022" perhaps already in summer 2022

- Eurowings Discover models will be released – perhaps already in summer 2022

- Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 "Farewell - Thank you MD-11" will be released

- EasyJet, Ryanair (including Lauda Air) and Disney - no news

- 737-300 - no new mould planned

- a "lot of LOT" releases planned during next years ;-)

- ITA Airways models will be released in 2022

- Icelandair new livery will be released

- Beluga XL3 will be released

- Condor A330neo will be released

- Helvetic Airways Embraer E2 will be released

- Luftwaffe C-160 Retro Brummel - maybe ;-)

- Frontier - more liveries will be released



MGL-Convention - update / table reservation:

16. MGL-Convention Wings & More   12.03.2022

Hallo zusammen!


Wir - das Team der MGL-Convention - möchten Dir mitteilen, dass die 16. MGL-Convention wie geplant am 12.03.2022 stattfinden wird.


Die Convention wird gemäß der an diesem Tag in NRW gültigen Corona Schutzmaßnahmenverordnung stattfinden. Die endgültigen Maßnahmen werden wir kurz vor der Convention mitteilen.


Teile uns bitte bis Samstag 19.02.2022 mit, wie viele Tische Du benötigst. Tischreservierung bitte direkt an senden.


Aufbauzeiten für Freitag 11. und Samstag 12.3.2022 werden wir zusammen mit den gültigen Corona Schutzmaßnahmen mitteilen.


In diesem Sinne alles Gute und man sieht sich hoffentlich am 12.03.2022 auf der MGL-Convention!


Viele Grüße                                                                                                                                   


Markus Kircher, Sebastian Steinbach, Peter Vosen und Ralf Wittekopf




Hi, everyone!


We, the MGL Convention team, would like to inform you that the 16th MGL Convention will take place as planned on March 12th, 2022.


The convention will take place in accordance with the Corona Protection Measures Ordinance valid in North Rhine-Westphalia on that day. We will announce the final rules shortly before the convention.


Please let us know by Saturday February 19th, 2022 how many tables you need. Please send table reservations directly to .


We will announce construction times for Friday, March 11th and Saturday, March 12th, 2022 together with the applicable corona protection measures.


All the best and we hope to see you at the MGL Convention on March 12th, 2022!




Markus Kircher, Sebastian Steinbach, Peter Vosen und Ralf Wittekopf



Friday, 04.02.22:

Herpa - some more Toy Fair News:

Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS - new moulds of the E-3A, E-3D and E-3F variants with different engines, wingtips and aerial refuelling supports.

Airbus A330 MRTT - with tank boom at the rear and hose tanks under the wings

(information WingsWolrd /



Herpa- next WingsClub releases:

535694 Casino Express 737-200 - WingsClub 1/22 - "King of Diamonds" - registration N456TM

535700 Casino Express 737-200 - WingsClub 2/22 - "Queen of Hearts" - registration  N457TM

(information WingsWolrd /



Thursday, 03.02.22:

Herpa - Toy Fair News:

Embraer E195-E2 - new mould 2022



Airbus Beluga XL Unloading Center Toulouse - cardboard kit

(information Stephan Külgen /



Herpa - news:

504997-001 Boeing 747 Dreamlifter:

"The tooling for the 1/500th scale Dreamlifter has been badly damaged during relocation to a new manufacturing facility. A repair turned out not to be economical. Therefore we have decided to redesign and build some of the necessary moulds, including some improvements. First, however, we will cancel all existing orders. As soon as the new moulds are ready, we will re-announce the article."


530583 LOT E170 and 530576 LOT E195:

Originally announced as new releases for autumn 2017, but not produced until now. Based on new contractual agreements with the airline, production can now start after all. The models will be announced again in due time - probably with new article numbers!



Sunday, 29.01.22:

Herpa - new releases 03/04 2022:

535991 Air France A220-300 - registration F-HZUA "Le Bourget"


536042 Air Macau "Macau welcomes you" A320-200 - registration B-MCI "Cidade de Macau"


535984 ATI - Aero Trasporti Italiani MD-82 - registration I-DAWV "Trento"


536011 Austrian Airlines Dash 8 Q400 "Pfiat di, Dash!" - registration OE-LGI "Eisenstadt"


536028 Austrian Airlines Dash 8 Q400 - registration OE-LGN "Gmunden"


535977 Swiss MD-83 - registration HB-ISX


536004 Northrop Grumman L-1011-100 TriStar Stargazer with Pegasus XL rocket - new mould 2022 - registration



535960 Etihad 787-10 "Choose China" - registration A6-BMD


536059 Fiji Airways A350-900 - registration DQ-FAI "Island of Viti Levu"


535915 Kuwait Air Force C-17A Globemaster III - registration KAF-342


535946 Lufthansa 787-9 - registration D-ABPA "Berlin"


535953 Royal Thai Air Force A340-500 - registration HS-TYV


536103 Lufthansa Cargo 777F "Sustainable Fuel DB Schenker" - registration D-ALFG


536035 United States Air Force C-5M Galaxy - registration 87-0027 "City of San Antonio"


535939 Helicopter and Bizjet Set (2+2)


535165 Jet Blast Deflectors - new mould 2022 - 20 pieces (4 + 12 + 4)








On own account:-)

Still looking for those 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!


Looking for the following Risesoon / Ever Rise 1/500 releases:

Risesoon CAL50B744P01 China Airlines 747-400 – registration B-18201 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50B744P02 China Airlines 747-400 Jimmy Love & Hug – registration B-18203 – Classic Wing - with stand

Risesoon CAL50B773P02 China Airlines 777-300ER Dreamliner livery B-18007 – with stand – with sat dome

Risesoon CAL50A333P?? China Airlines A330-300 – no registration – with stand – light blue box with window – Classic Wing

Risesoon CAL50A333P02 China Airlines A330-300 Butterfly Orchid – registration B-18305 – with stand – Classic Wing

Risesoon CAL50A333P03 China Airlines A330-300 Sweet (Taiwanese Fruits) – registration B-18311 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A333P06 China Airlines A330-300 "Welcome to Taiwan" - registration B-18355 - with stand

Risesoon CAL50A343P02 China Airlines A340-300 – "Official Airline for Climate Monitoring" - registration B-18806 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A359P04 XG5835 China Airlines A350-900 60th Anniversary – registration B-18906 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A359P04 XG5835 China Airlines A350-900 60th Anniversary – registration B-18917 – with stand


Hogan CX 777-300ER - Livery Launch 2015 - special box, brochure, bag


Unknown manufacturer Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks (mould looks like 777-200)

(picture posted at by candyhk2)



Lysia/Aero Le Plane (?) AeroLogic 777F - registration D-AALA

(pictures posted at by hongkongplace)



Still looking for those older 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

- Aeroclassics Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose - re-release 2004 with new box and "The Aviator" DVD


- Herpa CX 777-300 Classic Wing (!) Asia ’s World City

- Herpa Finnair Santa Claus MD-11 Herpa Cafe Box

- Herpa JAL DC-6 with booklet and stand with imprint

- Herpa Philippine Airlines Set 510134 747-400 + A340-300 - second release with stand

- Herpa Qantas 707-300 V-Jet - model known from Advent calendar 2006, just new Herpa Cafe box



- NM EADS/Qantas A380-800 - new box


- NM CX Cargo 707 chromed fuselage  

- NM Northwest 707 chromed fuselage

- NM Libyan 707 chromed fuselage

- NM PIA 747-300 Lahore golden fuselage


- 5Stars Gulf Air A380 golden fuselage

- 5Stars Qatar A380 golden fuselage


- Sky500 Hainan 767 golden - registration B-2490


- Hogan Dragonair A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HWK

- Hogan FedEx A310-200F by Lysia for FedEx HKG (without display stand) - not sure whether this one really exists?

- Hogan Dragonair A330 Red Box by Lysia - not sure whether this one really exists?


- H-T China Southern A340-300

- H-T China Southwest A340-300 with box (creme/rosa)

- H-T China Southwest 747-400  


- Lysia Singapore Airlines 747-400F





- Herpa Sample Ju 52 Coca-Cola  

  (picture posted at by UweP)




- Herpa Sample JAL Disney Sea 747-400  




- Herpa Sample Delta Olympic 2002 Salt Lake City 757




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