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Thursday, 26.05.16:

Herpa - new release:

Singapore Airlines A350-900 - exclusive release for Singapore Airlines




Herpa - re-releases:

520621 Container Loader - reduced text on box (missing text: "It will be continously expanded.")


520638 Container vehicles - addional imprints on vehicles (re-release on left hand)


Herpa - A321-200 NG5 vs. NG6:

527439 Iberia A321-200 - registration EC-IXD - NG5 on left hand




527439 Iberia A320-200 - registration EC-IXD - NG6 (available at some retailers in HKG)


527439 Iberia A320-200 - registration EC-IXD - NG5 (official release)



Saturday, 21.05.16:

Herpa - some more samples:

513968 Malev IL-18 - registration HA-MOA - sample on right hand


Sample with black propellers, different imprints at nose/cockpit section (color and shape), different text on right side of fuselage ("Hungarian Airlines M A L E V")


Different imprint of registration - sample on right hand




513104 Northeast 727-100 - registration N1638 - sample on right hand


Sample with different black imprints on engines and different titles on fuselage



525954 Condor 767-300 "Ja zu Fra" - registration D-ABUZ - sample on right hand


Sample with darker imprints on fuselage (pictures) and additional dark imprints on engines



Risesoon - not new, but not mentioned here before:

CAL50A333P05 China Airlines A330-300 "Welcome to Taiwan" - registration B-18355 - with stand





These events are organized by collectors for collectors at Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) - located just 30 km west of DUS. First event was 15th of March 2014, next event 8th of October 2016 (10 am - 4 pm):




On own account:-)

Still looking for those 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

Hogan Cathay Pacific A350-900 - registration B-LRA - new mould

(picture posted at by skwai56)


Hogan Cathay Dragon A330-300 - registration B-HYQ

(picture posted at by AngloJet)


Hogan CX 777-300ER - Livery Launch 2015 - special box, brochure, bag


Unknown manufacturer Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks (mould looks like 777-200)

(picture posted at by candyhk2)



Lysia/Aero Le Plane (?) AeroLogic 777F - registration D-AALA

(pictures posted at by hongkongplace)



Still looking for those older 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

- Aeroclassics Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose - re-release 2004 with new box and "The Aviator" DVD


- Herpa CX 777-300 Classic Wing (!) Asia ’s World City

- Herpa Finnair Santa Claus MD-11 Herpa Cafe Box

- Herpa JAL DC-6 with booklet and stand with imprint

- Herpa Philippine Airlines Set 510134 747-400 + A340-300 - second release with stand

- Herpa Qantas 707-300 V-Jet - model known from Advent calendar 2006, just new Herpa Cafe box



- NM EADS/Qantas A380-800 - new box


- NM CX Cargo 707 chromed fuselage  

- NM Northwest 707 chromed fuselage

- NM Libyan 707 chromed fuselage

- NM PIA 747-300 Lahore golden fuselage


- 5Stars Gulf Air A380 golden fuselage

- 5Stars Qatar A380 golden fuselage


- Sky500 Hainan 767 golden - registration B-2490


- Hogan Dragonair A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HWK

- Hogan CX A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HLM

- Hogan FedEx A310-200F by Lysia for FedEx HKG (two versions)

- Hogan Dragonair A330 Red Box by Lysia - not sure whether this one really exists?


- H-T China Southern A340-300

- H-T China Southwest A340-300 with box (creme/rosa)

- H-T China Southwest 747-400  


- Lysia Singapore Airlines 747-400F





- Herpa Sample Ju 52 Coca-Cola  

  (picture posted at by UweP)




- Herpa Sample JAL Disney Sea 747-400  




- Herpa Sample Delta Olympic 2002 Salt Lake City 757



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