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Here you can find only the very latest 1/500 news from Herpa, Hogan, Inflight500, Sky500 etc.

If you need older news - take a look at the archives

For some reason I decided to convert the archive part of this website into a login system. 

If you still want access to those older information, you can get the password by email.

Saturday, 09.03.19:

Risesoon - new release:





CAL2018-028BZ China Airlines A350-900 Joint Livery with China Airlines and Airbus

(Federico - thank you for your support)



Monday, 04.03.19:

Herpa - coming soon (mentioned here before, just new pictures):



533133 777-9 House Colors - new mould



Monday, 04.02.19:


There will be no "Collection" catalogue this year, only the "News" leaflets


531313 Lufthansa Set - serially numbered Lufthansa plastic card - part of the 1000 sets exclusively made for Lufthansa, missing in the 300 collection sets


527347 Airport Amsterdam Schiphol Pier G Jetway-Set will NOT be released



Most likely there will be releases of 777-8 and Beluga XL in future

Probably there will be NO release of 777-9 with folded wingtips (parking position)

531283 Lufthansa 747-8 Intercontinental - registration D-ABYA "Brandenburg" (first release for Lufthansa) and 531979 Lufthansa Airbus A321 "Fanhansa Team Plane" - registration D-AISQ "Lindau” are the only releases wearing the "older" new colorscheme (darker blue) 



Herpa - next WingsClub releases:

531870 Wow air A321-200 – registration TF-DAD – reversed painting – WingsClub 1/19

531887 Air New Zealand DC-10-30 – registration ZK-NZN – WingsClub 2/19



Herpa - VIP-Meeting Dietenhofen:

Familiar meeting with the Wings Product Managers and the Editor-in-chiefs WingsWorld/Maßstab :-)


Visiting "Area 51"

Looking for some rare / never produced models:






... :-)



Herpa - Toy Fair News:


Herpa booth - Hall 7A - just models, no Herpa Toys :-)



TUIfly 737 MAX 8 (!) - new mould



Sample 737 MAX 9 - new mould




Cardboard diorama - Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles Airport - four sections: North Concourse, South Concourse, Great Hall, Midsection



Turkish Airlines / P.I.P - Professional International Promotion (not new, but not mentioned here before):


Turkish Airlines A330-300 - registration TC-JNH "Topkapi" - with stand, no gear (version with stand and gear mentioned here before in 2017)

(Thank you Thomas Grosser for your support)




These events are organized by collectors for collectors at Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) - located just 30 km west of DUS. First event was 15th of March 2014, next event 30th of March 2019 (10 am - 4 pm):



On own account:-)

Still looking for those 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!


Looking for the following Risesoon 1/500 releases:

CAL50B773P01 XG5156 China Airlines 777-300ER B-18051 - with stand (2015)

CAL50A333P04 XG5080 China Airlines A330-300 "MASALU! TAIWAN" - registration B-18358 - with stand (2015)

CAL50A333P06 XG5091 China Airlines A330-300 "Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan" - registration B-18361 - with stand

CAL50A333P05 China Airlines A330-300 "Welcome to Taiwan" - registration B-18355 - with stand

Qatar Cargo A330-200F (2016)

CAL50B777P?? China Airlines 777-300ER - with stand and with Sat dome (2016)

XG5387 China Airlines A350-900 "Mikado Pheasant" - with stand (2017)


Hogan CX 777-300ER - Livery Launch 2015 - special box, brochure, bag


Unknown manufacturer Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks (mould looks like 777-200)

(picture posted at by candyhk2)



Lysia/Aero Le Plane (?) AeroLogic 777F - registration D-AALA

(pictures posted at by hongkongplace)



Still looking for those older 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

- Aeroclassics Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose - re-release 2004 with new box and "The Aviator" DVD


- Herpa CX 777-300 Classic Wing (!) Asia ’s World City

- Herpa Finnair Santa Claus MD-11 Herpa Cafe Box

- Herpa JAL DC-6 with booklet and stand with imprint

- Herpa Philippine Airlines Set 510134 747-400 + A340-300 - second release with stand

- Herpa Qantas 707-300 V-Jet - model known from Advent calendar 2006, just new Herpa Cafe box



- NM EADS/Qantas A380-800 - new box


- NM CX Cargo 707 chromed fuselage  

- NM Northwest 707 chromed fuselage

- NM Libyan 707 chromed fuselage

- NM PIA 747-300 Lahore golden fuselage


- 5Stars Gulf Air A380 golden fuselage

- 5Stars Qatar A380 golden fuselage


- Sky500 Hainan 767 golden - registration B-2490


- Hogan Dragonair A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HWK

- Hogan CX A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HLM

- Hogan FedEx A310-200F by Lysia for FedEx HKG (two versions)

- Hogan Dragonair A330 Red Box by Lysia - not sure whether this one really exists?


- H-T China Southern A340-300

- H-T China Southwest A340-300 with box (creme/rosa)

- H-T China Southwest 747-400  


- Lysia Singapore Airlines 747-400F





- Herpa Sample Ju 52 Coca-Cola  

  (picture posted at by UweP)




- Herpa Sample JAL Disney Sea 747-400  




- Herpa Sample Delta Olympic 2002 Salt Lake City 757



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